Splatter & Dotting Skittle Maincure

Splatter & Dotting Skittle Maincure


Hello my beauties,

I love watching YWP’s nail art tutorials, she does some of the most easy nailarts but they look amazing. Today I’ll be teaching you how to make a dotting and splatter nail art YWP inspired πŸ™‚

Basically the nail art ive done is called a Skittle Manicure. First lets learn about it;

a. When all nails have the same color scheme but different designs;


b. When all nails have the same design but different color scheme.

Medora, Clazona and Sweet Touch Nail-polishes

Now that we all know why my nailart is a mix of different designs lets move onto the steps shall we πŸ˜‰

  1. Pick out your favorite nail polishes. (I have choosen Clazona shades: 218,168 and 249 and Medora shade: 479 and Sweet touch top coat (its the best I love it)
  2. For the dots you will need a dotting tool or tooth pick.
  3. For the splatter effect you need a small piece of plastic bigger then you nail size ( I cut the piece from a ziplock bag)
  4. First and foremost coat all your nails with a base coat ( I used Sweet touch topcoat only)
  5. After it has dried, paint all your nails (except index finger) with a light color so that other colors can stand out. ( I used Clazona shade: 249). On my index finger I used Medora shade: 479.
  6. When the base color is dried completely, place dots by using your dotting tool or tooth pick by simply starting from the center make horizontal dots and work your way towards the left and right. ( This technique will evenly distribute the dots on your finger – This is not my technique as i mentioned earlier I see YWP’s nail tutorials πŸ˜› ) I used the dots on my thumb and pinky finger)
  7. For my middle finger i simply french manicured it with Clazona shade: 218 and just outlined the edge with any gold nail polish (I used Clazona shade: )
  8. Moving on to the plastic bag splatter technique πŸ˜€ the fun part. I used all the shades which I have used on the dots created on my thumb and pinky. Place medium amount of dots of your desired nail colors on your middle finger by the brush applicator of the nail paints only and place the plastic over the nail and tap it generously πŸ˜‰
  9. Remove the plastic and you will see a marbled/splatter effect over your nail.
  10. Β And this is what you end up with ( Image below)


TADAAAA πŸ˜€ wasnt it easy and fun at the same time πŸ˜›

I love doing skittle nail arts πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed learning it too. DoΒ share your designs if you try these and hashtag #BWBNnails so i can check them.

Until next time.

Much Love,

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NOTD – Halloween Inspired NailArt

NOTD – Halloween Inspired NailArt

halloween nailart

Its the Halloween season, what can you say πŸ™‚ !!!

Have a NOTD – Halloween Inspired Nailart to share with you all.

Enjoy πŸ˜€ and SCARE ON !!



So as you can see I have tried to create a Halloween inspired nail art. Keeping in mind the blood and one eyed monster. I made whatever lead me to my imagination about Halloween. Its dark and creepy and blood like.

  • On my Index and pinky i have created blood dripping effect.
  • On my middle finger i tried to marble black and golden as the base and then stick one wobbly eye on it.
  • On the thumb and ring finger I did the gradient effect with a skin color, orange and red. Then outlined golden polish on the manicure part and stripped 3 lines over it horizontally giving it a fence like effect.

Nothing too crazy with the nail art just wanted to create something for the Halloween season πŸ™‚


Hope you all liked it. Let me know so i can create other nailart designs for you beauties. Leave you thoughts in the comment section below.

Until next time,


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Medora Nail Enamel/Polish (shade no. 472) – NOTD

Medora Nail Enamel/Polish (shade no. 472) – NOTD

NOTD - Medora 472
NOTD – Medora 472

Medora is one of the most known brands in the makeup world I have heard of since we grown up here in Pakistan, our mothers and grandmothers used Medora products and it’s the best drugstore product which is easily available and famous mostly for its nail polishes and lipsticks. Having a fairly large range of colors to choose from, most of the colors in nail polishes which are glossy and bright come out more opaque then the glittery ones.

Front of the Bottle
Front of the Bottle
Back of the Bottle
Back of the Bottle

PACKAGING: The product comes in a transparent glass bottle containing 16ml of polish with a golden color twisting cap joint to it is the brush for application. The applicator handle is long enough to give a good grip. The brush applicator is decent and spreads the product evenly on the nails. One dip in the bottle takes out a good amount of product for one coat. Everything on the bottle is printed and tends to fade away with time. The shade no. is mentioned on a sticker and if it gets removed its hard to identify the shade: / which is a bummer!! Also I think shade names are easily memorized then shade number.

Cap + Brush Applicator
Cap + Brush Applicator

PRODUCT: The consistency of the polish is thick and very opaque, even a single coat can cover the up a nail pretty decently. It tends to dry fast and leaves a glossy finish which doesn’t chip off for 1-2 days.

Product and Consistency
Product and Consistency

SHADE no. 472: The shade is bright pink but a little toned down towards the warmer side (not towards neon color). Will not blind the eye and looks really pretty and girly on the nails. Its has a glossy finish to it, as you can see in the images below.

Shade no. 472
Shade no. 472
Without Flash
Without Flash
With Flah
With Flah


  • Easily available
  • Variety of color shades
  • Long wearing (1-2 days without chipping)
  • Good color payoff on the nails (1 coat gives enough coverage)
  • Very affordable price
  • Travel Friendly


  • Extremely Strong Smell.
  • Just numbers for shades, no names.
  • The printing on bottle fades away.
so lady in pink like shade
so lady in pink like shade


RATE: 4.5/5 (only because of the packaging, the product is wonderful)

P.S: A quick tip, if your nail polishes dries out, try adding few drops of nail polish remover and shaking the bottle well. The product will become liquid again and you can use it πŸ™‚

Until next time beauties,


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