Casual Footwear 2017 (HAUL)

Casual Footwear 2017 (HAUL)


Hey Beauties,

Hello Hello πŸ˜€ I know its been a while since i posted but im usually pretty active on my instagram and snapchat so the ones who are following me there knows why i was busy and not posting blogs. But seriously i miss blogging and all the fun and excitement it gave me. I have a lot of pending reviews and even more products to show you guys so i would suggest you all to sit back and buckle up as the blog will be flooded with posts in the coming months. Insha’Allah.

Let just start off with the footwear that i recently bought and absolutely loved. Its from a store named Ayhani’s located in Dolmen City Mall Karachi.

I was stunned with the designs and comfort of these footwear, im mostly comfortable in flats and square heels so that type of chappals (as we call it in urdu) are flat.

1. Vibrant Cris Cross Design Slipper

Colorful cris cross design
Half Inch Heel

I personally love colors and these type of footwear attract me more because then I can later pair it with multiple outfits Β to compliment my look.

The soul is soft and will not hurt the heel. The design perfectly fits your foot and I felt very comfortable wearing it πŸ™‚

Price: 1,390


2. Elegant Chain Design Slipper


Golden chain over a white breaded strap and tear drop studΒ 

Embellishment gives anything that elegant feel and that’s exactly what my next pick was. A flat slipper embellished with a golden chain on white double strap along with a big tear drop stud and a golden rim on the base. It can be worn casually and semi formally both.

Price: 1,990/-


Im undoubtedly in love with how comfortable the soul of these slippers are. This is the main thing which im concerned off and im glad i discovered this brand πŸ™‚

The price range is slightly high but you are getting the best quality for the right price.

Β Hope you enjoyed my mini haul and liked my picks. Share you views in the comment section below, would love to read πŸ™‚

Until next time,

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Stylo Shoes – Summer Haul 2016

Stylo Shoes – Summer Haul 2016



Hello my beauties,

Hope this post finds you in the best of health πŸ™‚ last month i did some heavy shoe shopping as I was traveling for summer vacations. I had a good time with all the three footwear so I can go through each one individually and tell you guys more about them. So lets head over to some hauling πŸ˜‰ This should be fun because im super picky at choosing footwear (my mom knows this better πŸ˜‰ )


1. I really badly needed an elegant and casual footwear and this footwear caught my eye at stylo shoes (Tariq Road Branch). This is a kolapuri style embroidered chappal.


I really loved the soft material on the base its really comfortable while you walk. Totally fell for the beautiful multi-colored embroidery which I could pair up with number of and the gold details on this kolapuri styled chappal was just too unnoticeable πŸ™‚

Closeup of the multi colored embroideryΒ 

It had 1/2 inch square heal with golden detail on it and i absolutely loved it.



2. Β Next I got a pair of sneakers which gave me the feeling of summer palm trees and beaches πŸ˜€ enough said you’ll see what I mean when you’ll see the images of it.


Gorgeous no? ! πŸ˜€ the floral print over it makes it so versatile. The black base gives it a more wearable look with different outfits. I just dont like the white rim because its gets a bit dirty and I have to clean it every time but still taking this one factor out of the picture I love these. The main best feature about these sneakers is that it looks like it will be heavy but they arnt πŸ™‚ Very comfortable on the foot and have a perfect grip.


3. And lastly I bought these cute flip flops πŸ™‚ to wear around at the house or take with me to a beach or picnic location. Also they didnt took much space in my luggage πŸ˜› Β Uptil now these are in good condition because im wearing it non stop at home.



These were my 3 picks from style shoes πŸ™‚ Have you tried this shoe brand/store. And how was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,


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May Favorites 2016 – Holiday Season :)

May Favorites 2016 – Holiday Season :)

may favs 2016

Hello my beauties,

I hope you all are doing well πŸ™‚ and find this post in the best of your health. As you all know im on vacation mode these days, here in Muscat, Oman. I have kept limited makeup essentials with me so i dont damage or lose my makeup because they are oh so precious for me πŸ˜›

So im using limited products on me that are good and affordable πŸ™‚

Here are my picks for the month of May 2016

a. Β Johnson’s Daily Essentials Face Care Wipes (Normal skin type)


These wipes are from Johnsons daily essential face care line and comes in a pack containing 25 wipes. The wipes are moist enough and you can remove all your face and eye makeup with one wipe, it grips well and pulls out all the makeup. Both sides of the wipes are damp to do one side for face and use other side to remove all eye makeup. They do not irritate my skin and leaves it feeling really soft and hydrated. I just love that feeling of my skin after using these.

Price: 370/-

Availability: These can be easy purchased from all super markets.

b. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip



Im seriously in love with the formula. Its so comfortable on the lips and applies smoothly. Wont feather out on the lips and stays put for a very long time even after you have eaten. Another thing which i absolutely love about the formula is that it fades out beautifully does not give that lip liner line which mostly all matte liquid lipsticks give. Also these are transfer proof because of the satin finish but that doesn’t even count because these are so good !!! πŸ˜€

The shades i own in the ultra satin are

1. Frick n’ Frack
2. The Rabbit
3. Lost


Price: 6$

Availability: Purchased from Colourpop website. For Pakistan you can always order from online beauty pages on Facebook. Amor, Zensky, Makeup Therapy are few. And individual sellers can be found on Sheops.

c.Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm


Oh the smell of cocoa butter ! sorry just had a moment there πŸ˜‰ This lip balm is so rich in flavor and is amazing on the lips. Keeps my lips hydrated and moist. The formula glides on the lips smoothly and is of the right consistency. The oval shape tube looks unique and contains 15 oz of product. This is the original one they do come in different flavors aswell. It also has SPF 15 and Vitamin E which is plus plus.

Price: 250

Availability:Β Available in all leading super stores and marts. Β Also available at

d. Eco tools Eye Set duo


I love how easy these 4 brushes are combined together to not just create that eye look but to carry along when you are traveling. Affordable and gets the eye look done. The bristles are dense and soft, they blend the product perfectly. The duo consists of a shader brush, definer brush, blending brush and smudge brush. I love eco tools as a brand and bought these when i saw Kathleen Lights mentioning about them in here Best Drugstore/ Affordable Makeup Brushes video.

Price: 5.99$

Availability:Β Available in Ulta, Target or any where eco tool brushes are available in USA. For Pakistan you can order these online from different FB pages.

e. The Balm – Mary lou manizer


TBH this is my 1st ever higher priced highlighter before this I used ELF baked highlighter in moonlight pearls which is also a good product. Heading back to mary-lou, now I know why this product is so raved about ! Nikkie Tutorials, Jeffery Star all have raved about it and now I am too πŸ˜‰ so for the price you are getting 8oz of product and a little goes a long way, the tiniest amount will give you that instant glow. This is also a multi-purpose product, you can use it as a eye shadow, brow bow highlight, to brighten up the inner corners.


It is a must have in every beauty junkie’s collection πŸ™‚

Price: 3,200 PKR

Availability:Β Thank god that the balm products are now available in SCENTSATION DOLMEN CITY MALL & DOLMEN MALL Tariq Road.

May Favoritesii


Do you own any of these product and agree with me? πŸ™‚ Let me know in the comments below!

P.S: Prices and place ofΒ availabilityΒ are not fixed and are subject to change with time.

Until next time,

Love much.

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Sheer Class Accessories – The Classy Pouch

Sheer Class Accessories – The Classy Pouch




Hey my beauties,

Im here to share with you some exciting things happening these days and if you are at some point peaking on my social media news feeds then you must be aware that SHEER CLASS an online Pakistani Accessories Store has recently introduced a subscription service called β€œThe Classy Pouch”.

If you are jewelry lover, in to nailart and temporary tattoos etc then this subscription pouch is for you my girl! Β You are getting worth PKR 2000+ items in just PKR 999/- (additional 15% off if used with my code: BWBN15 which makes the pouch for only PKR 850/- shipping included) which is an amazing aspect of this Classy Pouch and I simple loved it.

Each month Sheer Class will come out with a themed Classy Pouch and the quantity will be only 10 pouches so if you want to get hands on one of them then get yourself registered by filling in a simple form. The form has relate-able questions through which your classy pouch will be customized as per your type and you will get items accordingly but they will all be a surprise.

So now that you are well informed about the classy pouch and its theme let’s get on with the fun part πŸ˜‰ Showing you what I got in my Classy Pouch which was introduced on 23rd March Pakistan day i.e the green colored pouch. It came along with a invoice of all the items present in the pouch so you can counter check and know the actual worth of all the times.

a. Decorative Nail Art Wheel (Item Code: NAW50)

Price: PKR 75/-




b.Β Pre-painted & Designed Acrylic Nails (Item Code: AC40)

Price: PKR 150/-



c.Β Self Adhering Round Nail Stones (Item Code: NSR20)

Price: PKR 60/-


d.Β Self Adhering Flower Nail Stones (Item Cod: NSF20)

Price: PKR 60/-



e.Β High Quality Laminated Glitter Omber Nails Wraps in Black (Item Code: PNWB40)

Price: PKR 200/-



f.Β High Quality Laminated Glitter Violet Nails Wraps (Item Code: PNWP40)

Price: PKR 200/-



g.Β Platinum Coated American Diamond Solitaire Ring (Item Code: PDRS35)

Price: PKR 350/-



h.Β 18k Faux Ruby & Emerald Bracelet (Item Code: GEFB90)

Price: PKR 550/-



i.Β Double Ended Zircon Studs with Gun Metal with Faux Pearls (Item Code: MCB30)

Price: PKR 250/-



j.Β Rose Gold Fashion Earings with Rhinestones & Solitaire Cubic Zircon (Item Code: RGRHE80)

Price: PKR 300/-



Subtotal : PKR 2,195

Shipping: PKR 150

Discount Code: –

Grand Total: PKR 2,345


From the above calculations you can see the actual worth of all the items I got in my PKR 999/- Classy Pouch (Which you can get for PKR 850/- by using code: BWBN15)

If you liked any individual items shown above then you can get that also from Sheer Class and use the discount code on that purchase as well. Problem Solved πŸ˜‰

I have done a detailed un-pouching video on my YouTube Channel so make sure you go watch it, like it and subscribe to my YouTube. For those who have problem using YouTube can watch theΒ videoΒ on my Facebook blog page as well.

I personally loved this concept and idea generated by Sheer Class and that’s why you see me supporting it on my blog too because being a Pakistani accessories brand we should all come forward and help them grow so that they can bring us quality products in reasonable rates πŸ™‚

For more information related to Sheer Class, The Classy Pouch or my Discount Code. You can get in touch with me through FacebookΒ Inbox or email πŸ™‚

Facebook Page of Sheer Class Accessories:Β


Do share your experience with sheer class if you have purchased from them either individual items or the classy pouch πŸ™‚

Happy Shopping !!

Until next time.


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Disclaimer: These were sent to me as PR samples. And I am an affiliate blogger at Sheer Class Accessories. All the highlighted text open up to different links.


main cp haul


Hey my beauties,

Hope you are all doing well πŸ™‚ December is here already which marks the near end of 2015, I still cant believe it went by so soon . But i look forward to 2016 as it will be a fresh start towards a new journey. A whole new year of wish-lists, hauling and shopping all over again πŸ˜€ . I am sure everyone must be as excited as i am πŸ˜‰

2015 leaves a bunch of cherish-able memories. I am glad to have found some really good friends and thankful to Almighty Allah for all the achievements in life πŸ™‚

One of my most recent achievement was to get my hands on Ulta shopping !! I have Always seen Youtubers nagging about the Ulta, Sephora, Target Hauls and i must admit i was highly tempted to have one too . Now that i have one, i feel on top of the world πŸ˜‰ Although, i could not shop for it myself but i can still feel the same aroma when i hold the products. I know it sounds too dramatic but wonders often leave one fantasied. Thanks to dad though who took out time from his official trip and got me the products i listed. If it weren’t not you, i would have still been dreaming. You are love πŸ™‚

So lets just stop rambling and kick start with the Ulta hauling πŸ˜€ woohhooo

Okay so I had a few raved products on my list:


  1. NYX High Voltage Lipsticks
  • Flutter Kiss
  • Sweet 16
  • Rags to Riches

Retail for: 5.99$


  1. NYX Micro Brow Pencil
  • Shade: Auburn

Retails for: $9.99


  1. Real Technique – Miracle Complexion Sponge

Retails for: $6.99


  1. NYX Tres Jolie – Gel Pencil Liner
  • Shade:Β Pitch Black

Retails for: $11.99


  1. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller

Retails for: $12.99


  1. Eco ToolsΒ Eye Enhancing Duo Set
  • “Shade and Define” brush
  • “Blend and Smudge” brush.

Retails for: $5.99


For more details and to shop from Ulta online check their website:Β

Hope you enjoyed my hauling though it was a mini one πŸ™‚

Share your thoughts on the products if you have used or heard about them or what are your favorite products to shop from Ulta :), would love to know.

Until next time

With another haul πŸ˜‰


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August Favorites 2015

August Favorites 2015

august favs

Hello my Beauties,

Sorry for being MIA lately, as I was busy with my online craft store work overloaded with pouring orders all over the month + had my besties (BFFL) wedding right after eid and then some close relatives weddings to attend.

I wasn’t able to properly sit and work on blog posts, had so many things on my mind for the new blog posts but it just got delayed really badly and I personally prefer my quality of work rather then quantity. Of course I missed blogging, missed my blog and interacting with you all. That is why I came out with a surprise blog makeover and starting fresh again this August, which totally calls in for some August Favorites. I have been using these products since long and loved the finished results these give.


The products I have chosen for the Month of August are:

  1. Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper.
  2. Cover girl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
  3. Real technique Core Collection – Buffing Brush
  4. MM Makeup Lip Varnishes
  5. Maybelline NewYork Clear Smooth All in one Shine Free Cake Powder
  1. KAT VON D Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper:


The one most important thing I love about this pen liner is that the pointed tip applicator is perfectly in shape to give that winged eyeliner look. I mean I messed bad with winged eyeliners until I got hold of this and believe me I can now create some really close to perfect eye lines with this bad boy!! Im currently using the deluxe size.

  1. CoverGirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation:


Just as the name suggests it’s a 3-in-1 (primer,concealer and foundation) all in one bottle and it has spf 15 WHAAT . The pump gives it an A+ for me although the clear cap gets a bit messy. The formula is not very runny; it’s buildable and covers up acne scars to give you that flawless finish look. It sets to a dry airbrush finish which gives a natural glow to the skin and does not feel heavy or cakey at all. This product is a must try as its perfect for combination skin, keeps that oil and grease from showing up for more than 10 hrs.

  1. Real Technique Core Collection Set- Buffing Brush


Since I have been using this brush to buff in my foundation, I have noticed that my foundation looks more even and the finish it gives is great. The brush is soft and dense enough to buff the product into the skin without damaging the skin. I just love how the brush feels onto the skin. This core collection set is a must have in your brush collection.

  1. MM Makeup Lip Varnishes:


These lip varnishes are enriched with shea butter and vitamin C which is great for my dried up sahara lips which are usually dry and need some moisture. I mostly have matte lip products and these work wonders for me I love the smell and texture of these. Well done Maam Masarrat Misbah. (Swatches for Uptown girl and Aghan rose)

  1. Maybelline NewYork Clear Smooth All in one Shine Free Cake Powder:


Finally jumping to the last august favorite is a shine free cake powder by Maybelline NewYork. It compliments my foundation too well and sets in smoothly giving a matte finish and no sign of oil and grease. Sometimes I only use the cake powder for setting my under eye concealer and I a good to go πŸ™‚

Hope you liked the products I picked for the month of august πŸ™‚ . Let me know your feedback by commenting in the comment section below as it was my very 1st blog about monthly favorites and getting back to blogging after a month.

For more updates follow me on my Facebook Page and Instagram.

Stay beautiful.

Much Love,

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The Zensky Haul + Mini Review

The Zensky Haul + Mini Review



Hey my beauties,

Hope the summers aren’t being too harsh on you all ? The temperature is rising with each passing day and its becoming so unbearable to sit on a spot without a fan or Air conditioner.
Any ways refresh yourself today ill be talking about my recent shopping haul πŸ˜€ best retail therapy is makeup shopping πŸ˜‰ , these are all USA Drugstore products and retails in between 5$-15$ max. And i am so thankful for this new page i recently discovered which gives you the best and lowest prices and that’s why i went with her for my colourpop cosmetics purchase and then later on bought RT core collection brush set and BH cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette.


The owner of Zensky – Maruee is such a sweet, patient and cooperative business women and handles all issues very professionally :). I pre-ordered my stuff from her page in April for the shipment arriving in 1st week of may. I made half of the payment before hand (as that’s what we usually do in pre-order stuff) and other half had to be made once the products are ready for delivery. And the best thing about this page was that i received my order within the given time frame which was the best thing thumbs up because i just hate people committing on a certain time period and not being able to delivery. And this is makeup we are talking about :/ i get really touchy and sentimental about any makeup related issue.
Lets get on with my Haul products now:
1. Colourpop Cosmetic Lippie Stix in Rocket and Lumiere

Price: 790/-

  1. Colourpop Cosmetic Eye-Shadow in SeQuin


3. Real Technique Core Collection Brush Set

Price: 2300/-

4. BH Cosmetic 120 eyeshadow palette – 3rd edition

Price: 2500/-


She was sweet enough to give me free perfume samples from Sephora and everything came to me in a sephora box πŸ˜€ which was even more exciting πŸ˜‰ my 1st ever sephora box yayyee πŸ™‚

I rate this online makeup page 10/10
Link to Facebook page:

Do visit and have a great online shopping experience of your life πŸ™‚

Tell me if you would like me to review any of these and i would love to do that for you girls πŸ˜€ Let me know in the comments below.

Until next hauling,

Stay beautiful and B with,

Anam Z. (Numz)

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