My Storage Organizer & Makeup Vanity Tour




Hello my beauties,

Hope you are doing fab and will a great weekend 🙂 I am here with another blog post related to how i store my makeup and some tips to DIY organize your storage. I wanted to do this kind of post for the longest time and when I learned about MakeSpace having a similar idea, I instantly wanted to post a blog related to my makeup storage area. If you do not know about Makespace, its an online self storage service provided located in a number of locations that picks up and stores your things for you until you have the space to store it again. I really loved this idea  because at times you do not have space or you are about to shift and do not have much area to store your things before leaving to the new place and voila there you have Makespace to help you. 

For more details visit their website:

Now lets move forward with how I store my makeup and organize my vanity 😊

a.  Acrylic Makeup Organizers:


As the trend of these acrylic makeup organizers have evolved so have their prices too. I find them very pricey but they do look good so its okay to have one or two 😛 I recently got mine from a local shop in my country. You can also find these acrylic organizers on online face book pages which deal in makeup related items.

I love lipsticks, literally i am a lipstick hoarder and to keep my lipsticks in place i bought this acrylic organizer, i liked the fact that its compact and compresses my makeup into one place. Which means now i know where my particular lipstick or eyeliner is, best part is its sturdy and the smaller the items you keep the more space you have.

This specific organizer which I own have a total of 4 drawers and the upper area consist of 12 cubes for the lipsticks and few other compartments/sections to keep your different makeup items like shown in the closeup images below.

On the upper portion of the organizer I have kept eyeliners in one section, few everyday use items in another and concealers in one.








Drawer 1 (glitter eyeshadow pots)


Drawer 2 (matte lipsticks)


Drawer 3 (liquid lipsticks, my favorite one :P)


Drawer 4 (Some small palettes, hightligher & blush)

b. Mugs/Brushholders:

Another great idea is to keep your makeup items such as brushes, liquid lipsticks or eyeliners in a mug or pencil holders but make sure that they are cute and colorful according to your theme 😃.

You can also spray paint them or use duck-tape to decorate and make it a DIY project.


Plastic colored glass


Pencil holder to put most use makeup items 🙂

3. Empty boxes:

This is the most common thing which you can do to keep your makeup in place and organize it. I die for chocolates and so I am left with lots of empty Ferrero Rocher see through containers, the good thing about these are that they look similar to the acrylic organizers and so give a nice look to your vanity.

I love keeping my nail polishes and the tools i used for nail art in these containers and also my jewelry.


3 Ferrero Rocher boxes use to keep nail polishe and  nail art tools.

You can always pump it up with decorating the box with duck-tape or self-adhesive diamante/pearls to give it a unique and DIY feel.

I have kept mine a bit simple 😊


So here you have it, now you have seen my vanity space and how i organize my limited makeup storage area. Hope you liked these kind of posts let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Catch you again next time.

Much love,

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3 thoughts on “My Storage Organizer & Makeup Vanity Tour

  1. Chaste & Beautiful says:

    That looks so nice and clean. Acrylic organizers are such a great way to keep the beauty products in place. I also like to use chocolate boxes for storing makeup and empty candle jars for storing pencils and other stuff. Great post!

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