Sunglasses are an accessory which doesn’t go out of fashion in any way. People spend hours in selecting the best sunnies for themselves, which complement their face shape, eyes as well as taste. In Pakistan, you can find the latest trends in sunglasses from Tesoro Accessories, Haroon’s and Accessorize among other top brands!

With all that effort, no one would want their precious sunglasses to get dented or dirty as none are damage proof. But still a good pair of sunglasses has a lot of love and wear, which causes them to get spoiled. In order to avoid that people try to use different hacks. Most of the times these hacks end up damaging the sunglasses further or don’t give the desired results.

A most common hack even among those who were spectacles for sight impairment, they clean their dirty lenses through moistening lenses with their breath then wiping it off with lint cloth. This causes the dirt to further smear on the lenses and even scratch it.

Therefore, the article will focus on some tips and tricks in order to maintain your sunglasses and care for them after use. These tips may only require the basic things which people usually have laying around at their house, thus making them inexpensive as well as effective.


Protect your Lenses

After every use, always remember to put your sunglasses in a protective case, preferably a hard one. This may be a bit of a hassle when in hurry but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. These hard cases are great to protect your sunnies from breakage while buried inside your handbags. They also prevent contact of water, sand and dust. The only drawback is that these cases take a lot of space.

When cleaning your lenses, try to avoid using a lint cloth or a paper towel. This is because it leaves residues of lint and the wood content in the paper towel may cause scratching on the lenses.

Make good use of the small microfiber cleaning cloth which usually comes with the purchase of sunglasses. If not then do buy some to keep in your bag or pocket as they come in handy. They are the best for wiping off dirt and smudges off the lenses.

Never leave your sunglasses unattended on the floor, dinner table or even sofas where it is bound to break or get damaged.


Cleaning Of Your Sunglasses For Ladies

Proper cleaning process for sunglasses is actually quite hassle free and more effective contrary to popular belief. It can be done anywhere, anytime.

It will just require dish soap, a lint free cloth and some warm running water. Just wash your sunglasses thoroughly under running water, soap it all over and wash it to remove all the lather. Dab it dry with a lint free or microfiber cleaning cloth.

Make sure not to use any lotion based soap as it leaves a thin slippery coat which may fog up your vision, as well as no paper based wipes to avoid scratching of the lenses.

There are plenty of times when after a lot of use sunglasses start to feel not quite the same. They might not sit on the face right, feel slightly loose or feel irritated on the nose or ears. Don’t worry! As long as they are not completely damaged or broken, they can be fixed.

Tightening screws: Sunglasses have tiny screws which hold the top and bottom parts of the frame. These tend to get loosen over time. Therefore a periodic tightening is required with a small head screwdriver.

If the nose pads of the sunglasses have worn out and are biting in the skin then it’s time to replace them. Nose pads which are screw-in, snap on and slide in nose pads are available in the market, according to your sunnies frame requirement.

If the frame is made of plastic and feel uneven, then it’s difficult for it to be adjusted. But for metallic frames it’s easier. With just a soft cloth, needle nose pliers and a flat surface, you can adjust your frames just like you want them to be. Keep making incremental adjustments from the source of the bend till the tips of the frames rest evenly on the surface.


With these hacks of prevention, cleaning and adjusting you can easily keep your favorite sunglasses in pristine condition as long as they last!



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