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Hey my beautiful readers,

Hope your ramadan and eid went great? Mine went awsome Alhumdilillah I really tried to make the most of the holy month πŸ™‚ May Allah SWT accepts all our prayers/duas. (Ameen) But now im back on track and coming up with a skin care post. A while back i received some great mask sheets to try out from skin 18.com and was super excited to use them as im not much of a “skin care” type of a person. I have minimal skin care products which I use on regular basis. Before i get on with the review let me tell you I have mostly normal to dry skin (only my nose tends to get oily) rest of my face remains normal/dry. Also im not acne prone type as well. Giving you a heads up about my skin type so its easier to check the result of the mask on my skin.


About Skin18.com :

SKIN18 believes in skincare instead of makeup. Skincare products feed natural ingredients and nutrition to your skin while makeup is considered as a coverage. Its an online Korean skin care product brand.

Founder of skin18 concerns about her skin the most, and our mission here is to bring you products that will make you look forever 18. It is the best to start your skincare as early as possible but there is never too late just like having exercise for a healthy body. (Read More)

So I received the following mask from Skin18.com :

  1. Β Foodaholic 3D Royal Jelly Natural Essence Mask

The optimum skin condition is maintained by ROYAL JELLY extracts to make elastic & moisturizing.

  1. Foodaholic 3D Green Gram Natural Essence Mask

The optimum skin condition is maintained by GREEN GRAM extracts to make elastic & moisturizing.

  1. Luck Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip
  1. Luck Hydrogel Eye Patch For Eye Puffiness (Purple)
  1. Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Β 3-Step Kit



My Review & Experience:

From the two face masks i opted to try the foodaholic 3D Royal Jelly Natural Essence Mask and let me tell you that it was my second trial of face mask sheets and i kind of enjoyed the overall experience. The face mask sheets are fairly easy to use, they are soaked in with the serum and Β when you adjust the mask on your face the skin absorbs all the serum and you have to keeping the mask on for a good 20-30mins so that the serum sinks into the skin and work its magic πŸ™‚ then remove the mask sheet and massage leftover serum on skin and risen if off or clean your face with a damp towel.

So as i opened the foodaholic 3D Royal Jelly Natural Essense Mask i smelled it first and let me tell you the smell isnt over powering at all it had a very mild sweet honey smell to it.After keeping it on for max 30 mins and then removing the mask sheet and massaging the left over serum into my skin I could clearly see the difference. And im sure so can you in my before and after images which i took to see the results.

My skin felt lifted up in the sense that it look fresh and glowing πŸ˜‰ Well that’s a good mask to get a quick fix if you have somewhere to go to and need an instant glow on the skin. I really liked this mask sheet and will give it a thumbs up.

The only draw back which I found was that the mask was too big for my face so i a had to fold it a bit from my nose. And it was a 3D effect mask so it has a thin line joining two sides of the mask to give it a 3D kind of effect due to which it was a bit difficult to set over the face. But non the less i loved the serum on it and it worked for my skin πŸ™‚

The mask on my face:





1.50$ (Purchase from here)

rate 4

What is your experience with skin care mask sheets? Do they do wonders to your skin too? Share your thoughts if you have ever tried these Skin18 Mask Sheets in my comment section below πŸ™‚ Would love to read.

Until next time beauties.


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