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Hey my beauties,

Im here to share with you some exciting things happening these days and if you are at some point peaking on my social media news feeds then you must be aware that SHEER CLASS an online Pakistani Accessories Store has recently introduced a subscription service called “The Classy Pouch”.

If you are jewelry lover, in to nailart and temporary tattoos etc then this subscription pouch is for you my girl!  You are getting worth PKR 2000+ items in just PKR 999/- (additional 15% off if used with my code: BWBN15 which makes the pouch for only PKR 850/- shipping included) which is an amazing aspect of this Classy Pouch and I simple loved it.

Each month Sheer Class will come out with a themed Classy Pouch and the quantity will be only 10 pouches so if you want to get hands on one of them then get yourself registered by filling in a simple form. The form has relate-able questions through which your classy pouch will be customized as per your type and you will get items accordingly but they will all be a surprise.

So now that you are well informed about the classy pouch and its theme let’s get on with the fun part 😉 Showing you what I got in my Classy Pouch which was introduced on 23rd March Pakistan day i.e the green colored pouch. It came along with a invoice of all the items present in the pouch so you can counter check and know the actual worth of all the times.

a. Decorative Nail Art Wheel (Item Code: NAW50)

Price: PKR 75/-




b. Pre-painted & Designed Acrylic Nails (Item Code: AC40)

Price: PKR 150/-



c. Self Adhering Round Nail Stones (Item Code: NSR20)

Price: PKR 60/-


d. Self Adhering Flower Nail Stones (Item Cod: NSF20)

Price: PKR 60/-



e. High Quality Laminated Glitter Omber Nails Wraps in Black (Item Code: PNWB40)

Price: PKR 200/-



f. High Quality Laminated Glitter Violet Nails Wraps (Item Code: PNWP40)

Price: PKR 200/-



g. Platinum Coated American Diamond Solitaire Ring (Item Code: PDRS35)

Price: PKR 350/-



h. 18k Faux Ruby & Emerald Bracelet (Item Code: GEFB90)

Price: PKR 550/-



i. Double Ended Zircon Studs with Gun Metal with Faux Pearls (Item Code: MCB30)

Price: PKR 250/-



j. Rose Gold Fashion Earings with Rhinestones & Solitaire Cubic Zircon (Item Code: RGRHE80)

Price: PKR 300/-



Subtotal : PKR 2,195

Shipping: PKR 150

Discount Code: –

Grand Total: PKR 2,345


From the above calculations you can see the actual worth of all the items I got in my PKR 999/- Classy Pouch (Which you can get for PKR 850/- by using code: BWBN15)

If you liked any individual items shown above then you can get that also from Sheer Class and use the discount code on that purchase as well. Problem Solved 😉

I have done a detailed un-pouching video on my YouTube Channel so make sure you go watch it, like it and subscribe to my YouTube. For those who have problem using YouTube can watch the video on my Facebook blog page as well.

I personally loved this concept and idea generated by Sheer Class and that’s why you see me supporting it on my blog too because being a Pakistani accessories brand we should all come forward and help them grow so that they can bring us quality products in reasonable rates 🙂

For more information related to Sheer Class, The Classy Pouch or my Discount Code. You can get in touch with me through Facebook Inbox or email 🙂

Facebook Page of Sheer Class Accessories:


Do share your experience with sheer class if you have purchased from them either individual items or the classy pouch 🙂

Happy Shopping !!

Until next time.


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Disclaimer: These were sent to me as PR samples. And I am an affiliate blogger at Sheer Class Accessories. All the highlighted text open up to different links.

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