Single Sheet Mini Scrap Book – DIY (Guest Post)



Hey !

It’s my first ever Pictorial DIY Project so please excuse the picture quality. My Project is a 1 sheet Mini Scrap Card. This can be easily made with less as well as inexpensive supplies. The supplies used are:

  1. 1 sheet (12×12 inches)
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Decorative border punch (Optional)
  5. Ribbons (Optional for decoration)
  6. Stickers (Optional)
  7. Score board and tool
  8. Paper Trimmer


Now, let’s get started .

  • First of all take the sheet of 12×12 inches (I have used a double sided pattern paper but you can use any colored sheet). Cut a strip of 4”x12” and keep it aside. (We will use this strip of paper as tags and decorations for the Mini Scrap Card).
  • We are now left with a piece of 8”x12” which will be further cut into 3 equal pieces of 4”x8”.
  • Out of these 3 pieces of 4”x8”, we will score 2 of them at 4” on the 8” side and for the 3rd piece we will score it at 4-1/8” and the on 4” on the 8” side.
  • Fold all the score lines and crease them with a bone folder to make crisp lines.
  • Now on 1 piece out of 2 identical pieces make a border with the border punch and on the 2nd piece make a border on half of it.


  • Now join these as shown in the pictures. And then paste it with the last piece which will now come as a pockets book.

And your single sheet scrap book is ready. Decorate as per your liking 🙂


Thank you for stopping by. Do share your work if you try this single sheet card and comment so i can read them.


Naz Zehra

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