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Hello my beauties,

I Hope all of you are doing well I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to reach you through my post So, lets roll the dice and shoot towards the experience i had using W7 cosmetics. It is a UK based cosmetic company and has recently launched their products in Lahore, Pakistan. They were kind enough to send me a care package containing few of their products to try and test. I humbly thank you for the gesture . I found The packaging of their products quite interesting to be honest. A lot of fun vibrant colors and fonts are used by them which looks very attractive and catches your eye in a glance.

So, without waiting il stop my rambling and head over with the review of one of the products from their range, “The bunny lash Mascara”.



Packaging: The mascara comes in a lilac colored tube with an unscrew cap which has the applicator attached to it. The bristle of the applicator is short and spikes like but is made of soft rubber so it is not harsh on the lashes. Because they are so tiny, they distribute the product well on each lash without clumping them together.



Texture/Formula: Can’t explain the texture but the product applies well and coats the lashes evenly. You just have to flick 3-4 time to ensure the product is applied evenly on all lashes and its due to the small bristle only. If it weas big then the application would have been possible in the first time. The formula is clump free but not waterproof. It stays put on the lashes and does not transfer once dried. Once applied let it set for 30 seconds and you are good to go.



-Experience with W7 Bunny Lash Mascara-

I usually don’t apply mascara as I have this fear that my eyelashes will get stiff and break off (crazy imaginations :P). The only mascara I have ever used is the Maybelline Colossal Mascara, which too i wear occasionally, and when I got this in my PR package to review, it took me a great while to finally bring myself into using it. I did check the bristles and i must say i was fascinated by it because mostly Products offer the long fiber bristles but these spiky rubber bristles caught my attention.

These make the application very smooth and hassle free. It lets the product distribute evenly. However, due to the small bristles you have to work your way in applying the mascara onto the lashes but its all worth it. You don’t get clumpy lashes and it gives them the natural volume they deserve. You can see the before and after result of this mascara in the images below. I had it on for 5 hrs and it stayed intact. It did not flake or break my lashes.

I really enjoyed working with this product and now this has become my go to mascara.The Best part is that they are super affordable and have a wide range of products to offer. I always reach for it when I’m in mood to show off my lashes The only drawback of this product is that it is NOT Waterproof which means if you are an emotional person and cry a lot or if you stay in a country where it rains most of the time or you have a habit to rub your eyes a lot making them watery, this product is not for you 🙂


Result on my lashes:



  • Small spiky applicator gives control
  • The product is evenly distributed
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t transfer on the eyelids


  • Not Waterproof
  • Not available locally – (UK Brand)

Available: http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk/

Price: £4.95

rate 4

Have you tried W7 products? If so, which ones 🙂 Share your experience of W7 cosmetic in the comments below. And I will catch you in my next post.

P.S: W7 were kind enough to send me a PR package. This review is based on my personal opinion. It is fair, honest and unbiased.

Much Love,

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