Unzip Zipper Face Look – Halloween Inspired

Halloween Makeup CP

Unzip Zipper Makeup Face Look – Halloween Inspired


Hey Beauties,

Hope you are doing well 🙂 My internet had some issues yesterday so i was not able to upload this Halloween Special Post earlier. But i guess its better late than never 😉

Since this was my first attempt so, I tried re-creating an Unzip Zipper Face Look. I also posted my entry on Pakistan Beauty Society Halloween Contest which was happening on Instagram and ended on 30th Oct 2015. So, if you are not catching my recent activities on face book, i suggest you follow me on Instagram too. I usually post them on my Instagram before i do on face book. My Instagram handle is @numz_zee. I hope to see you there wink emoticon

As I mentioned, it is the first time i have done any kind of Halloween makeup, so it personally was a very exciting experience for me. I really liked this Unzip Zipper look so i had to choose it and I created this using sfx makeup technique.

Products I used:

  • White Glue Tissue paper
  • BH cosmetic palette (4th Edition)
  • Black color Zip
  • Colored Lens
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Face Powder
  • Primer (most important)
  • Fabric Paint Oil based ones (Red color)

Enjoy the images below and PLEASE don’t get scared 😛





For everyone celebrating Halloween have a Scary and Spooky Halloween 😀 BOOO-HAHAHAHA


Your views and comments really matter. They help me do better 🙂 So don’t forget to leave a comment of how you found the over all look.

P.S: Religious and Cultural comments directed will not be entertained. This was done for a contest only.

Until next time,


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Facebook: B With Beauty Numz

Instagram: @numz_zee

Twitter: @AnamXaman



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