CLAZONA BEAUTY– 24 Hour Matte Lipgloss (Mini Review and Swatches)


CLAZONA BEAUTY – 24 HOUR MATTE LIPGLOSS (Mini Review and Swatches)

Hello there my beauties. I hope everyone is at the best of their health smile emoticon I am here with another pick it or shelf it mini review for the Clazona – 24 hour matte lipglosses. Though i am late. Few Pakistani bloggers have already posted reviews about this brand and product, which has been creating waves in the market these days, but it i just could not keep myself away from it. Thanks to SherryK. From The Other Side Of The Mirror who dug this gem out of a local brand wink emoticon

Clazona being a Pakistani brand, that also manufactures on a local level only, has come up with a matte formula lip gloss/lipstick which is quite similar to the NYX SMLP and i am being very serious when j say that. If you have the SMLP, you can do the comparison and you shall see that the formula is almost the same. It has a moose like texture and applies like a cream on the lips and sets to a dry finish. ( since I have both so I have done my homework of comparison ).

About Clazona Beauty:

The brand itself is not new to the market. Previously it was known as clarity and later it re-launched with the name of clazona beauty. It has a wide variety of cosmetics which includes face powder, lipsticks, eyelashes and nail polishes. (This was the maximum information I could get from the internet about the company/brand).


Unfortunately, i couldn’t find much about the ingredient list.


As the name states it is a 24 hour matte lipgloss.


Packaging of this lipgloss is just like any other standard lip gloss. It comes in a transparent plastic tube with a black unscrew to open the cap which is attached to the applicator. The applicator is good in terms of it’s deposits of the product on the lips and it’s not too long so the product can be distributed evenly on the lips as well. The tube has the shade numbers written on a sticker at the bottom and has “24 hours long lasting matte finish lipgloss enriched with vitamin E, I, A and C” printed vertically.



The formula applies as a creamy mousse and sets completely matte. The texture though is creamy but not runny at all. You can apply one coat on the lips, let it set and then apply another layer. You need to give atleast 2-3 mins to let the lipgloss set.

Experience with the Clazona 24 hours matte lip-gloss:

I found the product upto the mark. A thumbs up from me for the formula, has long lasting power and pigmentation. It will not give you exactly 24 hours of long lasting product on your lips but can stay upto 5-6 hours without eating or drinking. It has a sweet hint of smell but goes away once applied. It emphasis on the fine lines of the lips as it’s a matte lip-gloss and dries to a matte finish. You will have to exfoliate your lips and apply a balm underneath to work with this.

The main concern which I have is with the packaging and distribution. Since it is easily available over the counter so, I noticed that the shop keeper allows you to swatch and check the colors before purchasing so the tubes are open and not kept fresh. Also, they don’t give out a fresh packed piece because it might come to them without any packaging what so ever (The company should look into this in the long run). Other then this packaging is important to know details like ingredients and product weight etc so i personally took it as a backdrop which might stop me from purchasing it. However, to conclude, the product itself is a good bargain for the price. You cannot complain.



  • Full coverage
  • Pigmented
  • Long wear Budget Friendly


  • Tacky smell
  • Tube is not sealed
  • Ingredients not mentioned
  • Excessive rubbing of lips can make the lip product to crumble.

Price: 150-200/- PKR (Depends on the retailer/outlet purchased from)

Swatches & Shades:

Top: Bottom:

Left: 504                         Right: 519

Left: 517 Right: 508

Left: 517                                                                 Right: 508


So if you ask me is it a Pick it or a Shelf it, my ans will he definitely pick it girls !! the money is so within range with super color payoff and amazing pigmentation + the matte finish (all the hype in this century) you cannot stand there thinking weather to pick it or not from that display or shelf. I would say GRAB as many as your hands can hold !! 😀

Rate: 4/5

Let me know in the comments section below, your experience of Clazona Beauty products or if you have tried this long lasting matte lip-gloss.

Until next time,

Catch you with another pick it or shelf it soon.

Much love,

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7 thoughts on “CLAZONA BEAUTY– 24 Hour Matte Lipgloss (Mini Review and Swatches)

  1. M says:

    Thanks for the review, I recently got to know of these. Do you have any idea where they can be found in Lahore? Also, would 504 and 519 suit NC25 skin tones? xx

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