Mega Eid Giveaway

mega eid giveaway

I am excited to announce a Mega Eid Giveaway for all you guys who have been a great support in my journey of blogging. I am so honored to team up with all the wonderful bloggers and sponsors who are a part of this grand giveaway and giving away such amazing prizes this Eid.

Bloggers and Sponsors

Bloggers and Sponsors for this Giveaway

Click the link below to send in your entries:

Guide to Enter is mentioned below:
These steps are all do-able from your desktop PC / laptop. If you are on mobile you would have to select “View Web Version” of the blog links for subscription.

1) Login and fill in your details.
2) Like all the FB pages.
3) Click the “view link” under Follow and Join through GFC.
Then do so for each of the blogs.

Enter captcha and your mandatory entries are complete.
Make sure you select “view link” on the subscription options to subscribe properly.

Once you do these you are eligible to more bonus entries.
These include following on bloglovin’ in that case you Must click view link once again!!

For maximum entries be sure you have followed and liked both Mandatory and Bonus entries.


*The giveaway ends on 20th September at Mid-night.

*Two winners will be chosen at random within 2 days time after giveaway ends.

Happy Winning my Beauties and Good luck to you all !! *fingers crossed* πŸ™‚

Much love,

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