A Perfect Day – Food Panda Way ;)

A Perfect Day – Food Panda Way !! 😉

cover pic food panda

I have grown up listening to the saying “inner beauty reflects outer beauty”. It is a fact that no matter what you do, if you don’t believe in yourself, your face can never repel your true beauty. For the said reason, I chose my blog to be an inspiration not only for cosmetics but the beauty within one, the natural one. It can be very difficult for me at times to choose if I am to work on a blog post concerning make-up or how to adore your original self. So instead, I try to blend them together. After all, you can’t walk wearing one shoe only, can you? 😉 Reading different articles, listening and interviewing make-up artists or attending meet and greet occasions and then summarizing everything together to make it productive for the reader. That is how the ship sails.

My laptop is always kept next to my bed because as soon as I wake up, I tend to follow up with the work left over. Because of which, I usually take my breakfast in bed. After I am done plotting down all the joints, the next step is to join them together in a parallel line. I take my work as my art of living which makes it easier for me to figure out what my next goal would be. Trying different make-up lines, swatching different lipsticks, I need to freshen up a gazillion times during the day and the time flies before I even notice that moon has taken over the day light. Performing my duties as a blogger i need to change my working category from being a blogger to a art-craft girl being an owner to a small online art and craft business by the name of Mignon- A sprinkle of love and care, I need to prepare overflowing orders which are all customized and according to customer needs. My day usually starts off as a blogger and ends on art and craft 🙂

3 2

lip swatch in day light

lip swatch in day light

In between when my tummy starts to growl and rumble with hungry, that’s when I pick my phone up and jump onto the “Food Panda” IOS Application. Ranging from Fast Food to Thai, I can find everything under my thumb. All I need to do is choose from my favorite restaurant and post my order. Honestly speaking, I don’t really like making phone calls for food delivery. It wastes a lot of time and usually the instructions are well neglected by the call representatives. On the other hand, food panda lets me enjoy my love for food without making things complicated. You can keep your eyes on your watch and before the last minute of the given time is over, you will hear your door bell ring. You can smell the fresh food from under your door.


Using food panda application allows me to get my concentration back at my work within a minimum of 5 or maximum to 10 minutes, if I get confused in what I have to order. Once you have put your hands on the application, you won’t feel the need of looking anywhere else. I enjoy my food while watching different reviews or reading articles which allows me to be productive even in the laziest of moments. I stay close to my work and the people following me because both of us can connect to each other that way. And that’s how the Perfect Day Cookie Crumbles 😉


Don’t forget to download the application. You can use the link given below to make it simpler for you.





Comment below and let me know how you end up having a perfect day in your life ❤

Till next time beauties,

Anam Z (Numz)

FB: B With Beauty Numz

Insta: @numz_zee

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