First of all i want to thank the beautiful THE SASSY EDITOR for nominating me. She has an amazing blog do check her out 🙂

So the rules are:

Link to the blogger who nominated you

List seven random things about yourself;

Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers;

Notify the amazing people that you have nominated them for the award!


  1. I love reading novels. These days its john green ones.
  2. Obsessed with Breaking Bad these day. I’m on the last season and jesse makes me cry đŸ˜Ĩ

  3. These days i feel like traveling, getting my back packed and head of to explore the world.

  4. I like trying out new makeup looks on me but then i hate the fact that my makeup is wasting 😛

  5. My mood gets off pretty easily but a Chocolate can totally flip my mood in seconds 😉

  6. Im not racing for my blog to be ultra famous, this is what i like to do and its more as self satisfaction thing rather then competing in the market 🙂

7.To believe in yourself in oneself is the key. Rest i leave it to Allah to fulfill my dreams and I only work hard for it.

I nominate:

  1. Ladaadidahh
  • Walk in Vogue

  • Sprinkle of Surprise

  • Maryam Asfand

  • Ann Makeup Blog

  • Dose Of Glamour

  • Fab Frag World

  • Good luck girls 🙂 love to hear some random fun about you. Comment me your links when your blog is up so i can see your work.


    Anam Z (Numz)

    FB: B With Beauty Numz


    1. Faiza Mobashir says:

      Love ur blog,,,
      Outstanding u are doing…
      Wishing u all the very best for ur future…
      Good going…keep up the Good work.
      Stay Blessed 🙂

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