Shan Foods 3min TVC Gone Viral – Eid and Experience of living abroad ! #KhushiyanChakhLo


Shan Foods 3min TVC Gone Viral – Eid and Experience of living abroad

Shan Foods TVC has come up with a brilliant concept in one of their recent commercial which has hit the social media as a storm. It is one of the fastest spreading commercials which went viral in just 3 days since its upload. Teary eyes of millions, who have been sharing the video and tagging their loved ones, go through the same emotions just as displayed in the commercial.


Shan Foods Masalas, for ages, has been the top priority for every household. If i re-call my childhood, Shan Masalas were a common finding in every delicious meal i ate. In fact i have seen my relatives barging around to carry it abroad with them as they couldn’t survive without it and their food felt incomplete 😉 Thank God that Shan Foods items are now sold internationally as well.Anyhow, to date, I too personally prefer these items as an ingredient in my meal and then i flaunt it as if it were my fingers that carried the magic. Oh how proud it feels 😀 However, sadly everyone knows already knows the true story.

Being a marketing grad good commercials always catch my attention and indeed this one is just great *tumbs-up* Coming back to the commercial, Hats of to Oilvy & Mather Pakistan team who came up with such a unique and absolutely brilliant concept. It displays a true picture of the importance of family in ones life and that its not easy being alone abroad while everyone in their country is enjoying and celebrating. You have done justice to our compassion as you made these 3 minutes repel our emotions and respected how it truly feels to be away from family on such wonderful occasions. You make us cry yet applaud for you at the end of the tale. Even the lyrics and melody of the whole situation creates that feeling of emotional bonding.. 🙂

*“Woh Maula sab ki sunta hai, par kissi kissi ko chunta hai..”

Keep a handful of tissues with you if you haven’t already watched the commercial. You will surely need them.

Link to commercial:



Let me know how u felt after watching this ad? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S: All images are taken from Google.

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