Best Lipstick Shades For Summers – Collaboration with Ladaadidahh

dpBest Lipstick Shades For Summers – Collaboration with LADAADIDAHH

Hello my beauties ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope all of you are doing well and are in the best of health. June as a month is very dear to me as this is the month in which I was born and I lay the foundation of B With Beauty Numz. A lot of memories and emotions are attached with this blog and i hope to be able to bring out the best piece of information towards you.
Since it is our birthday month ๐Ÿ˜€ , so I thought it will be best to come up with something new and the idea of a collaboration post, which already had a seed in my mind somewhere, took its roots and I brought it into existence. This type of posts, in particular, will give bloggers a chance to come close and learn more from our different ways of writing, exploring and mentoring products. For the readers, it will serve as a treat of two tastes in one ๐Ÿ™‚ You can learn more by reading mixed reviews by two different people about the same product under one roof.

To begin the celebration and this new journey, my dear friend Filza Sadaf of Ladaadidahh left me overwhelmed by accepting my invitation for sharing her favorite lipstick shades for summer 2015 with us to contribute in this post. As per her, she herself loved the idea of a collaboration post and was just as excited as I was when the idea first popped in my mind. Now that makes two of us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is what Ladaadidahh has to share regarding her best Lipstick shades for the summer season. You can also follow her on:

I am feeling honored being invited by โ€œBwithbeautynumzโ€ for her first collab post. Sometimes back she discussed the idea of โ€œcollaboration sectionโ€ which she wanted to introduce on her blog with me and invited me to collaborate with her for best summer lip shades. I was like hell Yesssss girl I am IN :D.

My Lips type: I have pretty dry lips; I must say very very dry and drenched lips. I keep moisten my lips all day long with balms and โ€œVaseline petroleum jellyโ€ as I hate chapped lips. Lots of water drinking and continuous balm keep my lips hydrated and bring them almost in normal category. Here I should admit pulling matte lipsticks is simply not my cup of tea.


1.1. Maybelline Color Drama โ€“ Nude Perfection
These color drama pencils are simply love, being the dry lip person these are only pencil thing which I can wear easily. These are pigmented, creamy, long lasting. Application is as easy as they glides like charm and easily available in our local market on Maybelline kiosks. This particular shade is like lovvvveeeeeeeeee and classy. Price is from 750-800 PKR.
1.2. Medora โ€“ Viva glam
My love for Medora is ultimate. Medora comes in different categories like Mattes, semi-mattes and etc. But formula of every lipstick is not same, it is somewhat different even in the same category (am I the only one feeling this ?). Viva glam is very classy nude with hint of pink in it and luckily even being matte this isnโ€™t drying at all, I felt hell comfortable while wearing it. And we all know that Medora is amazingly pigmented and long lasting. Price is 110 PKR



2. Corals:


2.1. NYX Round Lipstick โ€“ Margarita
Nyx Round Lipsticks are pretty cream and moisturizing. Margarita is a frosty coral, and being frosty it might not be the business of girls with tanned complexion. I love these for their texture and in summers it looks awesome with white shirt. (You can read about it in detail on my blog here). Price is 850-900 PKR
2.2. Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks โ€“ Coral Calling
I mean who is the one who used any shade from this range and didnโ€™t like it. Coral calling is very nice daily go to coral shade which you just pull from your stash and just wear it. I even use t without everyday evening walks. These are so moisturizing and have pretty shades in the range. Price is 430 PKR



3. Brights:


3.1. Diana of London โ€“ Rambutan 22
This is a bright orange color (Which was quite IN last summer I donโ€™t know much about this year). This is a perfect dupe of โ€œWnW 24 Carrot Goldโ€, I owned both the shade but I found WnW over drying so I prefer this one over WnW one. Texture is thick, creamy and not drying (not very moistening as well). Staying power is pretty good and gives opaque payoff in single swipe. I seriously donโ€™t know the price but this one is expensive than WnW one. So unlike me if you are friends with WnW lippies go for โ€œ24 Carrot Goldโ€
3.2. NYX Xtreme Lip Cream
I was SO NOT in this kind of bright shades, I always think these are just doesnโ€™t go with my personality (I consider myself kind of light shade person). But somehow I dared to get it and man isnโ€™t I loving it. It just makes my face glow. In start it appears glossy and with span of time gloss dies, in the end a beautiful stain left. Price is 850-950 PKR



And now here is my part of the best lipstick shades for Summer season ๐Ÿ™‚ !!
1. Nudes:
To be honest, I am not a nude lip kinda girl so I don’t have those flesh/concealer type nudes in my collection. For the nudes i like some pink or peach undertones in my lipsticks. I must say Afghan Rose and Uptown girl both by MM Makeup are the names that jump into my mind when you ask me about nudes.

1.1 AFGHAN ROSE (MM Makeup Lip Varnish)
As the name indicates, this nude has bits of pink in it and it gives you that light color on the lips which is perfect for people like me who wonโ€™t go for the Brownish nudes. It is also a good nude shade for our Asian skin tone because it is a lip varnish. The formula is very creamy and as soft as butter in application. It retails for 650/- PKR.

1.2 UPTOWN GIRL (MM Makeup Lip Varnish)
This one is a peachy nude color having a good amount of sheen in it. It gives a flush of color to the lips. As this one, too, is a lip varnish. So, the formula is very creamy and as soft as butter in application. It retails for 650/- PKR. (co-incidentally)



2. Corals:
I love the pinky lips. They make your face look full of life and add some extra amount of brightness to it. For me, the ones that do the job are; Antwerp by NXY SMLC and Rocket by Color pop.


2.1. ANTWERP (NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream)
The color is a bit towards the bright pink side. Having blue undertones to it, it gives you a perfect coral color to have for summers. It is best wearable in the summer time to have those cute baby pink lips. NYX Soft matte lip cream, when applied, gives you as a crรจme formula but dries out matte. However, it feels really light on the lips. This retails for 6$.

2.2. ROCKET (Colourpop Cosmetics)
This is a pinky coral color which is perfect for giving you that โ€œ On the goโ€ pop of color to the lips. This lipstick has a satin finish texture. It retails for 5$.



3. Brights:
For that extra kick of color and to get those perfect bright lips, I choose Cherry Picking by Wet and Wild Mega Last Lipstick and Addis Ababa by NYX SMLC. They make me want to pout :*


3.1 CHERRY PICKING (Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick)
As the name suggests, the color is a bright pink with a good amount of red to it like a Red Fuchsia Pink. If you donโ€™t like that signature red lip color, this shade will be perfect to give that brightness to your lips and also make your lips look fuller. The formula is Matte but it doesnโ€™t dry the lips out and has good amount of moisture in it. This retails for 2$.

3.2. ADDIS ABABA (NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream)
It is a bright statement fuchsia color best for the summer season as it is a very wearable toned down bright pink. The fuchsia users might just fall in love with this one in first sight. NYX Soft matte lip cream apply as a cream formula but dries out matte. However, it feels really light on the lips. This retails for 6$.



We hope this joint venture was informative enough and does not leave any loopholes for us not wanting to do it again. Share your view on it in the comments section below. Happy Summer Season until we meet again on another blog post.

Till next time,

Take care beauties,

Anam Z (Numz) & Ladidaadahh

FB: B With Beauty Numz

Insta: @numz_zee

FB: Ladaadidahh

Insta: @ladaadidah

16 thoughts on “Best Lipstick Shades For Summers – Collaboration with Ladaadidahh

    • bwithbeautynumz says:

      Its my pleasure that i am able to bring you as part of it ๐Ÿ™‚ thankyou so much for collaborating with me โค and thankyou for the sweet wishes, i wish the same for you.

  1. Maryam farrukh says:

    Only one word jus owesem yaar…
    very informative.. i jus love the idea of collaboration… you both are very well finished writer i must say cuz when i strt reading your blog i jus can’t stop myself until its finished..โ˜บ

  2. Rabiya Jehangir says:

    I just love this post great idea of collaboration you two are perfect. I am also a nude kind girl but I found amazing bright lippies in this post in fact all are amazing I will definitely pick some for me. Thanks to you both may Allah bless you both and give you more and more success ameen. P.s Happy birthday in advance to you and you blog anum :).

  3. glamorous guilt says:

    I love this post and I simply love every shade yes they all are perfect for summer I am dying to try colorpop
    Glamorous without the Guilt

  4. Sprinkle of Surprise says:

    Awesome collab! I’ll be doing a few collabs this summer myself! Would love if you would follow me back here & on instagram : @sprinkleofsurprise
    Lov meeting and connecting with my fellow desi girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

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