The Zensky Haul + Mini Review



Hey my beauties,

Hope the summers aren’t being too harsh on you all ? The temperature is rising with each passing day and its becoming so unbearable to sit on a spot without a fan or Air conditioner.
Any ways refresh yourself today ill be talking about my recent shopping haul 😀 best retail therapy is makeup shopping 😉 , these are all USA Drugstore products and retails in between 5$-15$ max. And i am so thankful for this new page i recently discovered which gives you the best and lowest prices and that’s why i went with her for my colourpop cosmetics purchase and then later on bought RT core collection brush set and BH cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette.


The owner of Zensky – Maruee is such a sweet, patient and cooperative business women and handles all issues very professionally :). I pre-ordered my stuff from her page in April for the shipment arriving in 1st week of may. I made half of the payment before hand (as that’s what we usually do in pre-order stuff) and other half had to be made once the products are ready for delivery. And the best thing about this page was that i received my order within the given time frame which was the best thing thumbs up because i just hate people committing on a certain time period and not being able to delivery. And this is makeup we are talking about :/ i get really touchy and sentimental about any makeup related issue.
Lets get on with my Haul products now:
1. Colourpop Cosmetic Lippie Stix in Rocket and Lumiere

Price: 790/-

  1. Colourpop Cosmetic Eye-Shadow in SeQuin


3. Real Technique Core Collection Brush Set

Price: 2300/-

4. BH Cosmetic 120 eyeshadow palette – 3rd edition

Price: 2500/-


She was sweet enough to give me free perfume samples from Sephora and everything came to me in a sephora box 😀 which was even more exciting 😉 my 1st ever sephora box yayyee 🙂

I rate this online makeup page 10/10
Link to Facebook page:

Do visit and have a great online shopping experience of your life 🙂

Tell me if you would like me to review any of these and i would love to do that for you girls 😀 Let me know in the comments below.

Until next hauling,

Stay beautiful and B with,

Anam Z. (Numz)

FB: B With Beauty Numz

Insta: numz_zee Follow and il Follow Back

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