Food Panda Pakistan – As easy as one two three four !! (Review)

Food Panda Pakistan – As easy as one two three four !!


Food panda is one of the absolute portals that have been created to facilitate people by bring food simply to the tip of their fingers. Yes, this is true. A tiny inch of movement or massive phone calls will not be necessary when attempting to end your craving by ordering your most favorite food. You find food panda at your service. Now, if i think back to where it started, it were me and my brother too tired to run through the fridge or cook something fresh to eat. This is where the portal first came into my mind and i thought it might be the best time to try their services. The next i did was to jump onto their site i.e. where i was welcomed by an orange main frame asking me for my city and location to get me started with. It all looked so easy and extremely well synced. 7

At Food Panda they tell you to get your favorite food in 4 simple steps:

  1. Search
  2. Choose

  3. Pay

  4. Enjoy

After i was done putting the info of my location, the next page leaded me to the list of available restaurants in my location to help me choose from. I could access their menu and choose whatever i wanted to. From starters to main course and from price to the time of delivery, and review of the restaurants performance, every single piece of information was there on my screen and i didn’t feel the need to look some where else.


Since my brother brought up the idea for BBQ and craved me for the same so i decided to check by one of the options “Red Apple”. At first, i was in a state of shock because this restaurant has been near my place for years now and i didnot know that they deliver food. Hadn’t i used food panda i would have been stuck in the 19 century :/ Anyways so i chose to order roll for myself and later the same for my brother too (i must say he copies me). The next page asked me to confirm my order and give in the details and choose the payment options. I got a confirmation call and also an email confirming the order so that it could be placed to the vendor.


On one hand I was so excited as it took me less than 5 minutes to finalize my order and on the other i had a bell ring in my head worrying me if the food will be delivered on time or will be served fresh or not. I kept checking my watch to see if the time given to me has been exceeded or not but Food Panda gave me no chance to regret. The door bell rang exactly in the committed time (which was 40mins) and i was delivered with fresh food ready to put a full stop to my craving “yummm” 😛

Delivery from Red Apple

Delivery from Red Apple

The complete computerized system introduced by food panda has really made it easier for us to look around what is available in our neighborhood without having to step out of our door. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should do once. It spoils you by making you dependent on it 😉 . You can find Food Panda on your App Stores too.


Links to food panda’s app are listed below:



I hope you found this review informative and tummy triggering 😀

Roses are red, violets are blue. This post makes me hungry, im sure you must be too 😉

Love much,

Stay Beautiful.

Anam Z (Numz)

FB: B With Beauty Numz

Insta: @numz_zee

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