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Hello my beauties !! how are you all ?

Lets energize ourselves with a great new launch, ‘ The occasional guest blog writing’. This is our first ever guest blog post, which i personally found very informative and i am sure everyone else would too:). So, cutting the suspense, I would like humbly welcome and thank our first guest writer Shigufta Khan from The Reluctant Cook and her delicious recipe to our blog. I appreciate the efforts you are doing by sharing your magic with my followers 🙂

As you all know must be knowing by now that i am a big foodie myself because of which i have a Cook’IN Lab category on my blog where you can find almost every recipe that has been tried and tested by me and my mom. Now here, what I truly love about The Reluctant Cook is that all her recipes are really easily explained and most of the times she makes you realize that a particulate recipe, which you thought to be ridiculously difficult just by the name of it, turns out to be the easiest to make. 🙂

Do go and check her blog. She has shared some really good mind conquering recipes there and you can also get to know her by reading her about me section. Now, it time to jump into some yummy for the tummy cooking fun 🙂 !! The link to the blog:

Chicken & Spinach Curry (Palak Chicken)

palak chicken

This is a recipe I have borrowed from a friend who is a very good cook, Palak chicken is a very popular recipe served in nearly every Asian restaurant and takeaway. There are many versions of the recipe however I have found this one the quickest to make and its absolutely delicious.

Ingredients: 1/2 Kilo boneless Chicken pieces (breast or thigh)  Spinach 1/2 Kilo (fresh or tinned) Fresh coriander ( 1/2 bunch) 3 green chillies ( more if you want extra hot) Ginger & Garlic paste 1 tsp each Red chilli 1/2 tsp Salt (to taste) Turmeric powder  1/2 tsp Cumin seeds 1tsp Oil Method:

  • Blend the spinach, coriander, green chillies and all the spices excluding the cumin seeds in a food processor.
  • In hot oil add the cumin seeds when they start to sizzle add the washed chicken pieces. Fry for 10 mins then add the spinach and spices that have been blended. cover and cook on a low heat. The dish is cooked when the oil separates from the spinach. 
  • Spinach tends to soak oil up so a little extra oil may need to be added whilst cooking to enhance the color of the dish. If you don’t wish to add extra oil that’s fine it will still taste delicious. 
  • Palak Chicken can be eaten with naan bread or chappatti.

Hope you enjoy making this dish girls 🙂 i certainly love spinach and will try this out. All this food talking is making me hungry 😛 Leave a comment and let me know how you guys are finding this new Guest Blogging category. Hope to catch you soon with a new guest 🙂

Until next time, Anam Z (Numz) FB: B With Beauty Numz Insta: @numz_zee

One thought on “Chicken & Spinach Curry (Palak Chicken) – The Reluctant Cook

  1. maryam says:

    I think this is a really good way to interact with each other.. and most imp sharing good things help others to learn. I will definitely try this reciepe…

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