If you have been following me and my blog, you must be aware about the recent meet and great, to which selective bloggers were invited, where Masarrat Misbah officially launched her HALAL Certified Makeup Line (read all about it here). All the bloggers present there got a chance to try their product line and also received makeup goodie bags as gifts to take along with them, following whichever foundation had suit them best. If you were unaware of of this, you should be following me more often then πŸ˜‰ . Now, without further delay lets get to business. The review of their Silk Foundation.

MM Makeup Evolution

In 2014, MM Makeup was formed when Masarrat Misbah saw a void in the beauty market and decided it was time for a trusted brand. Founded on the principle of β€œCommitment to Pure Beauty’, MM Make up will carve a niche for itself as an innovative purity based Halal Certified beauty brand.
MM Makeup stands upon a revolutionary turn point between science, beauty and pure values. The brand is acclaimed for its breakthrough formulations, technological innovations and unwavering commitment to reinvention. With Masarrat Misbah at helm of it all, each product is designed specifically for the Pakistani and Asian women with conscious details given to each ingredient so every shade in the range is not only beautiful but best for you.
The products are designed and formulated with the most essential color ingredients from Halal sources that create unbelievably surreal looks and you are guilt free about what is going onto your delicate skin. Distinguished with sensual textures, modern color palettes, fun and sleek packagingβ€”MM Makeup is paving the way for new, innovation driven, purity based, for the β€˜women of today’ cosmetics.
Product Claims: This weightless liquid formula “tunes in” to your skin’s need, controlling oil, where there is shine, and moisturizing it, where there are patches, for a long wearing balanced look with true coverage.
Packaging: The bottle comes in a sleek black box with an elegant golden strip in the front and all the necessary information printed with white font on all four sides of the box. This product comes in a pump based thick glass bottle and pumping it once gives you enough amount of product to be used in the first go. Though, The cap is made up of plastic but it grips tight enough when it is closed. You can find the shade name sticker displayed on the bottom of the bottle. One bottle contains 35gm, 1.23 oz of product.
Formula/Texture: The formula of the foundation is not runny at all. It has light weight and is creamy. It is of medium to full coverage foundation because of which It does not have any sort of over powering smell to it. After applying it on the face, it easily sets on the skin and gives you a flawless satin and matte finish. Which, in particular, is said to be for all skin types.


My Experience with MM Makeup – Silk foundation (Cream)

I had my first experience with this foundation at the event where Nighat Misbah applied this foundation in my suiting shade and my skin just felt flawless πŸ˜€ *i had that out of this world feeling after getting my makeup done by her*. She applied the foundation using tips of her finger and she had the foundation blended like butter. Extremely soft and light weight (check pics here). That day my makeup stayed on my face without any need of touch ups for about 4-5hrs. After then i decided to give this a try once more for a longer period of time and as usual primed my face with a moisturizer. After which, i simply applied the Silk foundation with my fingers and trust me girls it truly blends in so well with fingers ( you can use brush too. i have applied it with both). You don’t really need a setting powder over it as the texture is creamy and not liquidy at all.

It automatically sets on your skin giving that silky smooth finish on its own. I layered it with my favorite blush and i was good to go :). I applied it around 1pm and i got back home close to 10pm and the results were evident even then. I myself was amazed finding out that it is still on my face. As Masarrat Misbah stated that this Makeup is designed keeping in mind the Asian Skin type. Plus with the climate and weather we deal with everyday, the foundation is 10/10.
Even my mother has used it and it held up on her skin for the longest i have witnessed. As soon as she applied it, the foundation perfectly sat on her skin and gave her a flawless finish. Hence proven, it must be for all types of skins πŸ™‚ *i myself had to test it on two different skin types for this review* Things a blogger has to do πŸ˜‰
Application on my face:


Price: It retails for 1,100/-
Availability: You can order online from their website –> or visit Depilex Bahadurabad in Karachi. Their products will hit all leading stores in June 2015.
Β Rate: 4.5/5
They can surely improve the packaging and print more stuff on the bottle or else we cant throw away the box because all the details are on the box. According to me, the product is amazing. But, it is just a personal opinion. It was their first launch and i hope they keep on adding more products in their makeup line πŸ˜€

In the end all i want to say is that “Thankyou Massarat Misbah for thinking about the Asian women, their skin type, the climate they have to deal with everyday and bringing in a Halal Certified product line to cater our needs and requirements.”

Have you heard or tired this Makeup Range and will you like me to review any other product line from MM Makeup? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time beauties,

Much love,
Anam Z (Numz)
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