Mikyajy Sabaya Moisture Lip Color – Shade 19 (Review)

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I have never got a chance to use Mikyajy products until my aunt gifted Mikyajy Sabaya Lipstick to my mother and as usual like every daughter, i took it away from her:P Mother Daughter Love !! We both use it now :).
Description ( Mikyajy Sabaya Caring Lipstick Line)

Mikyajy, recently launched the Sabaya Caring Lipstick. Blending long-lasting color with beneficial features, it is one of the most effective lipsticks that women should arm themselves with.

Possessing a creamy and soft texture, Sabaya Caring Lipstick releases a deep and long-lasting color that leaves lips soft, colored and supple even hours after initial application. The superb line consists of easy to use lipsticks that follow the shape of the lips and emphasize their natural beauty. The Sabaya Caring Lipstick is also part of Mikyajy’s line of Sabaya Caring products for those who experience irritation when using cosmetics.

Proving to also look after the lips from a health perspective, the Sabaya Caring Lipstick contains the following protective ingredients:

• Vitamin E for moisturizing and to act as an anti aging component
• Supermodel for nourishing properties and to hydrate lips
• Special properties that provide volume and smoothing action

This lipstick is available in 12 shades.

source: www.mikyajy.com



The lipstick comes in a very sleek round metal round body with mikyajy printed with silver on the cap and a round clear plastic at the bottom that shows the actual product and color of the lipstick inside. The shade no. is mentioned there on a transparent sticker.



Shade no.: 19 (nineteen)


It has a very creamy and moisturizing formula which has a hint of sheen to it when applied on the lips. It is semi-matte in texture and not drying at all. The formula has the right amount of moisturizing agents to keep your lips hydrated. Plus, it has a smell to it, a touch of vanilla.


My Experience:

It has a perfect every day mauvy pink shade which it gives you if you want to have a feeling of something on your lips. I use it almost every time I step out of home, like your “on the go” lipstick which is always in your bag.

It is moisturizing and has Vitamin E and SPF 15 which helps in keeping your lips hydrated and at the same time protects your lips from the sun. It is like sun block for your lips love the idea and concept behind the product line (sorry this is totally my marketing major talking here :P)

It guides on the lips effortlessly and stays on for quite a good while, approx. 3-4 hrs and then you will need to give a bit of re-touch to get that smooth coat again. As i only have one color so i cannot judge the pigmentation of the brighter colors but this particular shade (19) is pretty decently pigmented. Once applied, you can feel the smooth creamy feel of the product on your lips.

Overall Mikyajy Sabaya Moisture Lip Color Lipstick is a good lippy to have if you have sensitive or dry lips as it has all the ingredients to give you hydrated and moisturized lips throughout the day.

*Cute packaging
*Very Moisturizing
*Apply smoothly (Smooth finish)
*Vitamin E
*SPF 15

*Availability issue
*No name of shades only no. series
*Not matte
*Has a smell to it.


Swatch on hand

In normal light

In normal light


With Flash

Price: 49.00 sar/aed

Rate: 3/5

What is your take on Mikyajy Lipsticks or other product lines? Have you tried any? Do share your experience below 🙂

Missed writing and reviewing.

After a long time feeling good in saying,

Stay beautiful and be with,

Anam Z. (Numz)

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