Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Strengthening Hair Oil – Mini Review


Product Description: A unique blend enriched with 3 oils – coconut + almond + olive. On the inside: nourishes your scalp and hair, makes it soft and smooth. On the outside: oil protects the hair fiber and makes your hair softer, shiny and manageable.

Ingredients: Mineral oil, rapeseed oil, olive fruit oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, salicylic acid, limonene, benzyl salicylate, benzyl alcohol, linalool, geraniol, bht, citral, citronellol, sweet almond oil, coumarin, glyceryl linoleate, glyceryl oleate, glyceryl linolenate, fragrance.

What this hair oil claims: The unique blend of almond, coconut and olive oil is the perfect recipe for daily care of your hair. The oil nourishes your scalp and hair from root to tip giving you softer, smoother, healthy and manageable hair. Its light texture washes off easily without any trace of stickiness.

Packaging- The hair oil comes in the goodbye damage signature orange plastic bottle with a screw cap.

Texture- The hair oil is clear and feels very light and is totally non-sticky. It gets absorbed to my hair very well and doesn’t get rubbed off on the pillowcase.

Source of above information is purely from the internet 🙂 Now lets hope to my experience and know whether we should pick it or shelf it !!

IMAG1 IMAG2 My Experience with Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Strengthening Hair Oil:

First of all what mainly attracted me was the packaging of the product , an orange plastic bottle claiming to have a blend of 3 different oils sitting on the shelf tempting me to pick it up and put in it my cart which it succeeded in. Now why someone wouldn’t want to try it? In this hectic routine that we have , we barely get time to pamper our hair with oil and getting 3 oils in one is a good treat. The bottle is transparent so you can see the amount of oil being consumed, another good thing about the packaging is that the small hole on the bottle is good to pour out the oil without any spill or leakage (which is a plus plus) The oil itself is of no color and smells really good which i personally like , it is non- greasy and is very light on the hair once applied. It does not transfer on your pillow, so you can apply it and leave it overnight.

Now these were the pros of this oil , what my main concern for buying this oil was the benefit it shows on my hair as it states to be Goodbye Damage Strengthening hair oil. It totally failed on that part because i was having hair fall when i bought this and it did not repair that plus i didn’t see any noticeable change in my hair while i was using it. The concept and idea of bringing 3 oils in one is great they should work on it and improve it more so that it really gives that WOW factor to the product.

Price: Rs. 240 for 200 ml

So if you’ ask me whether il buy this product again or not. My answer will be NO 🙂 only because this didn’t do wonders for my hair like i imagined it would do as being a combo of 3 oils.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this product or want to try it out for yourself 🙂 !!

Until next time lovelies,

Keep shining on

Anam Z (Numz)

FB: B With Beauty Numz

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