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BOB is a brand of Hongkong, very famous and popular in China and Korea – source internet


Smudge Proof all day long.
Ultra soft refills enable a comfortable makeup experience.
Water-proof and oil resistance.


Product Claims


Carnauba wax, beeswax, microcrystalline wax, a silicone resin, cyclomethicone, pearlescent pigments



The pencil comes in a pencil box case with all the info about the product printed behind the box. The packaging of the pencil is quite cheap. It has a plastic cap which can get damaged easily and you cannot keep the pencil without the cap for long because the formula of the pencil is of a gel liner and it can dry out very easily.


Front view of packaging




Back view of packaging


Cap Pencil containing product



The formula exactly as of a gel liner and is thick and a bit dry during application.

Pencil tip


Swatch on hand – Looks Black


Finally I got my hands on this BOB Kill Black Pencil Gel Liner after hearing a lot about this product on the Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community group for being the best Smudge Proof eyeliner pencil. My Experience with it is neither good nor bad, confused? Eh !

Well let me tell you exactly what I mean by neither good nor bad, as the products name suggests that it’s a GEL Liner the formula is surely drying and not very smooth while application. I got a very clumpy line on my eyes the 1st time I applied it. But because the texture is thick and not creamy it gets difficult to glide on smoothly.


Liner Applied on Lower Lash Line

For me this pencil is good to have that smudgy smoky look, and that is what I use it for mostly. So I apply a decent amount of this product below my lower lash line and smudge it to give that smoky effect look and even do this on my lid :). Once applied let it set and it stays on for a good period of time.

Lastly a big downside of this pencil for me is that it doesn’t apply the blackest on my waterline at all. I’ve tried Bourjois khol pencil and Remmil eyeliner pencil (my most favourite one) and they glide on much blacker on my waterline. Maybe it’s the drying formula or my waterline is too watery to hold this BOB kill black gel eyeliner pencil, i just couldn’t get to the actual reason behind it uptill now :/

So that’s why it’s a 50-50 product for me neither good nor bad. : )



  • It is black. (kill black)
  • Its smudge free (once it sets completely)
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easily available


  • Travel Unfriendly (delicate plastic cap)
  • Gel formula can dry out the pencil easily.(if cap left open)
  • Needs pencil to be sharpened often to create fine tip.


Price: 250 PKR

POP: Local Cosmetic Shop – Hydri

Rate: 2.5-5


Comment down below if you have tried this product, and your views about it?

or whats your other favorite eyeliner pencil, would love to know 🙂 ?


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