So I was roaming through the beauty care aisle of my local supermart with my mom for the monthly grocery shopping and Dove face care range products caught my eye, though im not a big fan of doves hair products range and at the moment I did needed a facewash badly so I ended up buying this product. After 2 weeks of using this now I can finally review about it : )




key ingredient : Nutrium Moisture

Product Description / Product Claims:

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash for deeply cleansed pores & smooth skin. Gently cleanses dirt and excess sebum clogged deep within your pores for soft and smooth skin.

  • Contains NutriumMoisture, a nourishing beauty serum that replenishes skin from deep within giving it a beautiful bounce.
  • Contains fluffy micro-puffs that are 10x or less smaller than scrubs to penetrate deep within your pores, rinses off easily with water.
Product Claims

Product Claims


The face wash comes in a blue and white opaque tube with a blue flip cap.
The cap closes tight with no chance of product leakage.

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash


Flip Plastic Cap

100 g tube

100 gm tube


The texture of the product is not serum like it’s much more Thicker and the fluffly micro-puffs are so micro that u can’t even see or notice them, it will come out just like a glossy pearl white serum (refer pictures below) and once mixed with few drops of water gives you that very consistent and dense paste. A pea size amount is enough to create the perfect amount of lather for application.


Pearl White Velvety finish

Pearl White Velvety Serum


As you all know I have a combination skin.. I have a oily T-Zone area. And from other reviews ive read so far they have all mentioned that its really good for oily skin n not suitable for dry skin, but then again you don’t know unless you try for yourself 😉 So iv been using this facewash for quite a wild now. Haven’t seen a dramatic change overall but it can be recommended as a good facewash that does its job well in cleaning out all the dirt n oil of whole day and keeps the skin moisturized at the same time. The formulation of the product is super soft n velvety once it transforms into lather and feels good on the skin when ur massaging the product on face. It risen off easily with water you don’t have to rub the product off your face and right after the 1st wash ull feel that boost of freshness on your face (so that’s a plus plus point of this product for me) AND a little amount is required per facewash so this tube will be hanging on your bathroom shelve for a long time. ( but do keep a check on expiry and use it all before it :P). The smell is almost like the dove soaps ones, its nice n refreshing that will calm you out and relax that mind in seconds.


  • Cleans the skin and removes dirt.
  • Makes skin look fresher
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin or neither face feels stretchy.
  • Leaves skin moisturized.
  • Refreshing smell.
  • Small amount is required per wash.
  • Travel-friendly.


  • Doesn’t remove makeup.
  • Not suitable for dry skin.


To sum the product I would say that it’s a good everyday facewash to use at the end of the day to remove dust, dirt n oil from the face. Though it claims to have micro-puffs which are 10x smaller version of scrub, we can use it everyday cos the micro-puffs are barely noticeable on the product. Gives your face that instant brightness and freshness, right after the 1st wash you’ll feel that clean feeling. Its good for oily to combination skin types as it gets rid of that extra oil from the face.

RATE: 4/5


POP (Point of Purchase) : Hydri Supermart

So, has anyone of you tried the face range of dove ? what do you think about it? dont forget to share your thoughts about it down below would love to know 🙂

Until next time lovelies,

Anam Z (Numz)

FB page : B With Beauty Numz

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