HELLO GLOW Whitening Plus Facial Polish (REVIEW)


Ive been hearing a lot of good reviews about this product since long and then once I saw my friend using it n she also told me that I should give it a try and so Finally I gave this hello glow whitening plus facial polish a shot! As the name suggests that it’s a product that gives your face that glow polish effect.


An average looking plastic see-through bottle with a screw cap, having the logo and benefits printed in the front and directions and ingredients printed at the back on waterproof label.






30 mg Bottle


It has a powdery texture as mostly all the ingredients used in it are in powder form.



Pour the powder onto wet hands, rub both palms together to create a smooth paste, massage it gently over your face and rinse off with cold water to reveal a radiant glowing and soft skin.




  • It has 100% natural ingredients and is Preservatives Free
  • Is suitable for all skin types
  • A good exfoliator.
  • Polishes and shows instant glow from 1st application.
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and baby soft
  • Doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight.
  • Evens out skin tone and reduce dark stops n blemishes with continuous use.
  • Travel friendly and break free bottle.


  • A little over priced.
  • Not an attractive packaging
  • Only available online.
  • Not a fairness solution.
  • Strong smell of natural ingredients. (which I liked)


Altogether it’s a good product. The skin feels brighter and one toned after multiple usage. As the product is a bit granulated it works well to exfoliate the dry skin which results in giving a softer n smoother looking skin right after the first wash. Because of the fact that it works as a mild exfoliator using it on a daily basis won’t be good decision, so try using it thrice a week that would be good for your skin. A lot of reviewers weren’t pleased with the strong fragrant but personally I liked the smell, the coconut , milk , rice and honey aroma will make you feel like you’re in a spa,  getting a face treatment!! it wasn’t over powering at all and slowly fades away as it turns into a paste form. If you want to give this product a try buy the 30mg bottle first that’s what i did 🙂




Rate: 4/5

Price: PKR 650 (30mg) PKR 1500 (60mg)


  • In 30mg bottle and 60mg bottle
  • For Pakistani consumers:

1)      www.just4girls.pk

2)      www.beautyarena.pk

  • For UK or international consumers:

1)      www.roselinkuk.com/

Flaunt the radiant glow on that face girls !!! 😉

Stay Beautiful and Bwith,

Anam Z (Numz)

FB : B With Beauty Numz

Insta : @bwith_beautynumz Follow and il Follow Back

4 thoughts on “HELLO GLOW Whitening Plus Facial Polish (REVIEW)

  1. Muneeba says:

    Anam! I have a sensitive like to sensitive skin and most of the time I just waste my money on these products coz they never suits me I have a combination skin but in summers it turned out into to oily so will it b a good choice to use.. Coz I don’t want to do any harmful experience and since when did u start using this product

    • bwithbeautynumz says:

      Hi Muneeba , i wont suggest if you have a very sensitive skin because this powder turns into a granulated paste form when mixed with water and you have to massage it on your face before washing it off. If you have pimples or acne then it wont help you with it, even though the ingredients are natural and soothing. Im using this product since 1 year now but i dont have sensitive skin or very oily skin.

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